Anania Docs


Answers to most common questions that we often receive.
Can I integrate Anania with my own product?
Yes, you can use our API to integrate Anania and empower your product with embedding analytics. We are constantly improving our API documentation and Python client to make integration as seamless as possible. Learn more about embedding analytics on our website and schedule a call for more info.
Can Anania process big data ?
Absolutely. The AI engine behind Anania can process both big and semi-stractured datasets. Big data and advanced analytics are supported in Enterprise plan. Contact us for more info.
How long would it take to get an answer from Anania?
Anania’s fast and accurate engine generate analytical answers to your questions in seconds. The exact duration highly depends on the complexity of the question and size of the answer. Anania will give faster responses when the answer is a single number but it may take up to several seconds to generate large tables and charts.
In what format will my questions be responded to?
Anania’s smart engine will choose the best format of answer in one of the following types: numbers, text, charts, or tables.
Does Anania automatically understand the data?
Anania automatically understands the data, its structure, as well as potential set of questions that can be asked on it. Therefore, there will be no manual setup required from the users.
Is coding skills necessary to derive answers?
No. Anania doesn’t require any code writing from your side
Is there a specific format for asking questions ?
No. There is no specific format or template to follow, just ask the way you would ask a human being. One thing to keep in mind is to ask your questions that is related to the connected data set.
How hard is the setup?
It's super easy, you'll set up your Anania search engine in under 5 minute time.
Can I download the answers?
You can download them manually now. The future versions will provide advanced abilities for saving the answers.
Can I ask question about anything ?
You can ask question about the data that you connected to Anania.
How does Anania understand my questions?
Anania is using advanced AI system which enables it to understand the human language and intent, match it with the connected dataset and produce analytical results.